Abi Releases New Single “Boomerang”

Nashville based country songstress Abi today debuted a new track
“Boomerang,” an infectious, up-tempo song written by GRAMMY Award ©
winning songwriter Jessie
Jo Dillon, Luke Foley, Steve Wilson and singer/songwriter Tina Parol. 
The track, what Abi calls another in a stream of dialogue from her most
recent singles, “A Day Without” and “Little Landmines,” marks another in
a progression of her musical taste, lyrical
content and her life experiences. “Boomerang” is available on all
digital platforms atsmartlinkand can also be heard at xxxx.

immediately connected with ‘Boomerang’,” says the 21-year-old Abi. 
“I’m very much a free spirit – some would say impulsive – and the song
speaks to those qualities
in all of us and to the people around us who are able to accept you as
you are.”

by Steve Wilson, and recorded at xxx in Nashville, Abi says of working
with Wilson, “Recording with Steve was easily one of the most productive
and exciting sessions
I’ve ever had. “Boomerang” is a really challenging song vocally, but
Steve’s confidence and commitment to getting the best out of me was so
appreciated – it was just what I needed and I think it worked.”

Abi has begun to make her mark on the country music scene. Last year she released “A Day Without,” a track that landed onRolling Stone Country’s“10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week,” as well as “Little
Landmines” made available on stream-only platforms – a thank you to her
fans for their support.

by everything from the marvelous pop expanse of The Beatles and Shania
Twain to the “storytelling” of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Abi
crafted her first song
in third grade. She has since developed into a powerhouse vocalist and
songwriter, with an impressive resume under her belt. She’s toured with
Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson and alongside Pentatonix. In 2017, her single
“Matches” independently caught fire; striking the sweet spot
between simmering country soul, twanging guitars and a fierce hook. CMT
has premiered Abi’s last two music videos, a early adopter.

For more information on Abi go to:


Or connect with her onFacebook,Twitter, orInstagram

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