Aaron Goodvin – V

CD Review: Aaron Goodvin – V

By Stanley Mwene for Country Music News International Magazine.

  1. Bars And Churches
  2. Burn Out In Vegas
  3. Every Tim You Y…..
  4. For The Life Of Me
  5. Free Beer And Free Bird
  6. Good Ol’ Bad Days
  7. Kill A Kiss
  8. Lonely Drum
  9. Serious
  10. Take It To The House
  11. You Are

Little History Of Aaron Goodvin-V

Goodvin was born in Spirit River, Alberta, Canada. He developed interest in music after winning a singing competition at a local shopping mall at age 12. His family moved to St. Albert, Alberta, by the time he was a teenager. At the age of 25 years, Goodvin moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his career in country music

Bars And Churches. This is awesome romantic song. We go there planning for it, looking for a little there. Just nothing carrying there are. So we dance, singing there alright and known we saw there. There is one every corner, you are cuddling to her. And nobody knows swinging to her.

No matter, who you are, it way to dance and go by. As she said, it is way to wait, eating it in, say a prayer. Take time as we are, we are shouting. Bars and churches, there is none. Turning another table as we drag, for her we had nothing to give her strength. Oh net little, nothing to care during the day.

Just to give her as she said it. They called you, just like you. You are the ones every corner, you are cuddling to her. Nobody to swing to her, you made her. It is way to go and see her and see how serious she is. It means say a pray, take the way it seems you are all way searching in bar and churches.

There is one every corner cuddling to her. No that swinging raddle. No matter you are, this is not bad as she is saying. It is way, it nails. Say pray and take time. We are searching bars and churches.

Burn Out In Vegas. This is also another powerful romantic song.  Had we been school off, loving to you bad. Regard core shop as we heard someone battling your new life. Unless we promise you her, into this burn out in Las Vegas. Until sun crashes and wanting shadow lines.

Take key first and when you are serious, say it. For you become on it baby, you are on the one on it. You are the last bone on this. You are the gonna a head, no one has left her, nothing fades. Now, it is you to call mine. You will host her, promising you can be down on it. Little is left out First, it has to be faced out until tranquility. Nothing watching sound out, keep first on the beach.

She sees on it, you can come on baby and can make it again. As far as I have been there, oh Then cross on. I promise you can be better on it. There is little, nothing is gone. Every little has gone, until the sun is gone, nothing will separate us. We keep fast and when we are serious on it, now you can cuddle me.

Baby, I will be on it again. There you come on baby and we will be on it again. As been on it again, Until the last on it again (full of love).

Every Time You Take Your Time. This is also another awesome love music…. Every time you are so blessed, when marching you sleep on it. My thoughts have been much on it. I can spread word to me, when you got it, that is when we looking for it. For we have to be within no time.

You mess up so hard on mine. Every time you take your time. It is lack you moving slowly, oh more shall babe. Everything you do, is just to pull me. No way shall sway with your body. It is nothing, I am in love. I am always in love with you. A little alarming, you make me worry getting your night.

Every time, you take your time. Oh it is lack you moving in. It is lack you moving in slow motion. Everything you do, is just for me. Oh way back we need to sway back. I am in love lacking myself as I am looking on you.

There was lack of turning back, we mess up on this paddle love. Every time, take your time and I am having love. Every time, take your time.

For The Life Of Me. This is also another amazing love music. She is called on; do not listen to what she says. Sometimes I wonder just tell her to walk away. One day, she is gone be the one to change my ways. Am I heard to her. Slow down my first lane.

Oh you love me, a big lie. Big time I love your name. It is laughs that she loves with me. So as she can see, myself, I can be as borne to live. For the life of me, let paddle me, I will let to what be. If I am right, she could change again.

If it turns again, that had to paddle again. We need the ground, yes she is my friend again. She still loves me. I care as she is leaving a place for me. It’s nothing to accuse her as she is staying with me. Sa you can see, myself I gonna be, sure I will be with her.

As he is for the life of me, I can figure how we are living the day. I am really crazy for me. I have never accused her for the life. As you can see, the man I can gonna be, she lacks me. She is close to me for the life of me.

Free Beer And Free Bird. It is a beautiful love music. We will come to the bar to drink and buy the drink, having come from the bank. We came over every day, came over to sound. We did not know who we were with yet. We were just playing around.

Everybody neared her. We were both free and peered her. We both gave her free beer. You would rather go back. We were little leaving her back. There she is leaving. Still free beer, so she had to sit back and go. Place on the racket for us.

As just she could muzzle for us, about being crazy on our backs. She was the way to go, as we started to go back making her swallow more. Still, she was not to tell making everybody neared her. Everybody to feel the free beer and free bird.

We got close to her. As she was good to go back feeling little giving her back. Free beer and free bird and everybody neared her. So we were feeling bad. At the best heart, we moved close to her. We could rather go back. A little more giving back free beer and free bird.

Good Ol’ Bad Days. Back my call to my bad days, mean devil dark, we bought my warry days. Even about man, I used to word around like I was from bad shacks. We can nothing for nothing days. We got it as I can.

I had nothing as I had bad days. Because we were becoming afraid, we could have gone ups, we stay. Back on my call on bad days, first I could guess on dark days. To live crone, I could never come back. When I was in a bad Ole days. I could have no backing nor I knew nothing. I could have had a dealing with less nor I could have not known a little.

I was running afraid because I knew little stay in. I could have known bad days. Go with no, I miss no whenever I went. But my Good Ole bad days, I had not known bad days. I had not known dealing with bad days.

Kill A Kiss. This is a powerful romantic song. It is better to be young and she will turn her ways. Used to turn her ways longing for this man. Why not reach me for I had sworn before you because one way, you are another. Truth coming in now.

I kill a kiss because I love you so much. Take your own pellets, take times still. I can take a kill kiss who dare I can kill a kiss. When you leave her name, I can kill a kiss. When you leave bad names. If you lean marking for it makes a blue star.

And nothing comes, sometimes calls stuff. I carry a deal with close. Just close your eyes as just still surfing. I can kill a kiss before you see. Take you own pellets, plat terms still. Still wanting I can kill a kiss.

I can kill a kiss on your lips when you are there. No I keep on your muzzle. Take your own pellets and let’s stay. If you want, I can take my time and kill a kiss on your lips rather now. I can kill a kiss on your lips right now.

Lonely Drum. This is also another powerful romantic music. I will be my lonely drum if you wanna not come over. I have been halving way shock and my stay is over. You can bring your head to her and this is nothing in order.

I will be my lonely drum if you don’t wanna come over. Come over so we can real make. Takes for a time. I hope you real come. I will be lonely drum sinking. Where you can be my baby, I surrender so that you can be mine.

I will surrender myself to you making you score for me. And yet at your palm, I will keep on walking. I will be my own lonely drum sinking if you won’t come over. Come over so that we can make it moving.

I hope you will come over we keep moving. I will be my own lonely drum if you keep fear moving slowly coming over. You are the heads I take I go. We need to be moving closer. I will be my lonely drum. Tell me you are coming over. Please come over, you make me keeping glow. I hope you can heed this. I believe you. I beg you come over. I hope you can heed this.

Serious. This is an amazing love song. I can see serious since this taking because I am saying what you are after since I know we can play one another. I know strength it takes since I come topping up. You can wander around to. I can call again you are not serious.

This is serious, I heed nobody hates you. Do you have a bad thinking you are feeling about? No turn back. And I am curious and can you get to yours. I will be walking to her baby. I am about telling you about love. You are serious if you fail to do it again. I am sad clapping again.

You should seek it if you are serious seeking it. It must regain to be little been. I will trust little been. This is serious. I know nobody hates you. I know you are thinking bad how we are serious. No time brought I. And I am curious, and I think again I can be curious.

I am baby looking into my eyes. I will little tell my eyes. Oh yes, you are serious. I know how bad leaves you. You know how bad we can be serious. And I am curious, maybe you can see how I am serious. And baby, I will be walking to us. I am telling you love. I am serious.

Take It To The House. This is also another powerful romantic music. You could rather take it keep it away, this I need to leave the place. Everybody is watching you a place could change. Just be careful, I will believe this strong. Just empty my money clear and this makes lap the same.

Take it to the house and this makes me lousy. Just keep asking you again in this world.  If you do not get it, learn now to take it to the house. Come on baby, say I want you to be on the couch again. We thank first as we have been always. We just take to the heed, so check if there is that. Just take to the half room.

Do not get mixed because we have another asking on this world. Take it again right now to the house. There tomorrow, we are on it again, I won’t speak a lie. So I am honoring it to come. Let’s take it to the house because we will talk about it. We will be together in the house. We will keep it wow. Love will never have gone. Let’s take it to the house.

You Are. I’m leau like you are, breaking world, I am heavy blessed. There you saddle like to you When a man, I am a good man enough. Well, I like brag a ‘papa’. What a ‘papa I was knows I provided. She would love to see her the best ever.

May you give her everything. Everything you have, I wanna see you have a new form. You know bad lack you are and I love you the way you are. I know who you are. Keep living, I know you are mine. Watch what you are.

Sometimes I wonder why you fall out with me. I know I am a man here you are. I feel when you go. You need to be back home we laugh. You are to see around with everything. I want to see everything. You are a new form. No bad lack you are.

I love you are, of course you know who you are. Keep reading because you are you are mine. You are the best to see as you ever know. You are everything, you are saving me. I know how bad lucky you are. Can you leave it to mine? Can you leave it to mine? You are, can you leave it to mine.











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