Aaron Goodvin Lucky Stars

CD Review: Aaron Goodvin – Lucky Stars

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. About Mexico
  2. Boy Like Me
  3. Lucky Stars
  4. People Talk
  5. We’re All Crazy
  6. Why Not Us
  7. You Ain’t

A Little History of Aaron Goodvin

Goodvin was born in Spirit River, Alberta, Canada. He developed interest in music after winning a singing competition at a local shopping mall at age 12. His family moved to St. Albert, Alberta, by the time he was a teenager. At the age of 25 years, Goodvin moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his career in country music.

About Mexico. What do you think about Mexico, you in me, you make me? It has been long we don’t know what he thinks about Mexico. Recording long land, stop your mission to say a long play. Rap ca sleep being, double minds you give to the play.

Double mind you give today. You can date with the shall to kill Just mere for the okay thin. Will you wonder for it does not works? That you drum up is just fine. Can you help night too? We can rush for the sun where we used to go. Oh take time for the band we go. Stop squabble with Nathios.What you think about Mexico.

Boy Like Me. This is an amazing romantic music…. Working a boy like me, I would lack you. And had a little span near likes, a little better know you better. Wil you fly with ‘mama’. Dance a little without mine. Take a boy like, little we were a big kissing

You have been mine, for you know. Could you lack me baby blues? Could you say we one too? I feel good walking to you. I lack you. Since you have a heavy smile, is even gonna way to fold you so that we can be together.

There is like you are gone. Oh you lack me, I miss you. Like you wear, your heavy kissing. Do you pick mine, I fold you? That makes me happy. I can say, we are one too.

We always have gone too. Of course, you lack me. I am missing your whole love. Has borne in my own hands. Where do we go together? For you know I love you. I lack you babe I say. We feel always walking together. Do you feel good when we are together? For you lack me.

Lucky Stars. This is also another powerful romantic music…I take your love Penina, and I can say sorry for winning your soul. I have never been India; you have been shown me this beautiful love. So too much Parma, begging me too much love. We need to be plentiful in fact.

I am looking to stories, beginning to be where you are. Come on I miss to be with you ‘babe’. Turning every score to the one I have in my heart. Come I mark our stories. There we know, we are landing. I always watch my moves; I do not deserve to miss you.

So we always need to be around each other. I lack your story. I need to be where you are. Come on I miss you ‘babe’. I need every score, I let you to miss my heart. Come along with my stories. Come on along I miss you ‘babe’. Let me one to the one I miss in my heart.

People Talk. This is another beautiful romantic song. It had been the day’s rent, jumping, with no ladder on the wall. Every man to put new rants on the. You were with big fans, making this hotel wonderful. To kill two little horse, it has been so. Digging around to make strong baby.

You need to make strong, making a little bit wow. I had to go and come back as a country man. Today say, just saw you a little love. Baby you want to say it has been a talking town. Where are the whispers who are concerned about us? Oh we must marry and have everything. Anyway, because we got. Maybe that is why they are calling us on the streets.

We are a little bit crazy, that is why they say we got. We give a little too course, let’s go. We are strong enough to make people talk about us. Maybe we make some wiser decisions until they say they have seen enough.

Oh baby what you say, this makes people talk. We can be a little adorning around the world. Baby come we seize and catch the world. Do they say, just showing the world? They, they want to say, let’s make some people talk.

We’re All Crazy. This is also another beautiful love song. Drink beer just to lose memory, that puts to make a little money. That close to just kiss her. That close juts to point her, that makes to do anything in this world. We say we change; we can close her. We love you, we love her.

We just drink, we can kiss back. We can still lover her. We say are to do things together. We are all crazy. We can create just to take her slope, say bad to say hallo again. Spent what you would have said we. Give me your night. We love you. We love her.

We are just there; we can just give back. Still fresh we are, we love saying we are still giving back. We are all crazy. We love crazy. We love you, we love her. We can just give back, still difference we are. We love saying, to lead things the way we say. We are all crazy.

Why Not Us. This is also another awesome romantic music. We both real don’t deserve this. Why not us many asking to leave us. Just when before, do you lack this? We push each other change. Can’t see forever the past. Just try to see the past. We need to be faithful to us.

Why not us, why can we be not in love. So can everybody be being. We both have hearts to take us both back. We need both of us to like sharing what we have(love). We need both to get to each other.

Why not us. Maybe we need to start looking, we show together we give back. We fell to be one. Why not us, why can we be not in love. We both have hands; we need to kiss each other. We need to be sharing our love. It is really good.

We both have hopes. We need life shining on us. It is really hard to do without each other. Baby, why not us. Why not us.

You Ain’t.You could be a little tossing your shoulders still turning your head under the sun. Making mountain taking you a far. I do not know how you make a far. You are blinded you ain’t shall make a way. Sleeping on the same, you can’t shall babe.

You ain’t shall see a little late. Oh I wish I can say you come around. I will be back again telling me again. Sometimes, I call a very serious man, then I will be hers. You still ain’t long but warning, now I need to say goodbye.

Yu had move on. I know you think you are, for I know you shall move on. I had to see you scared. Oh you can suspend. You are to marshal for me. No words shall see you are ready. Oh I wish I shall say you come around.

You are to be thinking about me till you come around. Oh yeah, time is healing for I know you say whether come. I tell you, you are today. You shall call my names, sleeping on my shadow calling. You skip as it has been, you are marshalling pulling me to you. Oh I wish I can say, that you come along. Now you ain’t.

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