A look at Americana Country Songwriter Rusty Gear

Songs About Real Family Life

A look at Americana Country Songwriter Rusty Gear

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International

It’s not about the human condition as much as it is about the human spirit when you listen to a Rusty Gear song. Whether it’s about being out and about riding with your friends in your old Oldsmobile, celebrating the veterans of war who served not because they had to but because serving was the right thing to do, or the lumber jack that does his job every day while thinking of his gal. Rusty Gear has a keen sense of the human spirit and reminds us of the memories we all harbor personally that we can associate with through his songs. The  photo to your right reveals a world war two sailor and his gal. The backdrop is Pearl Harbor and when Rusty heard the stories of the survivors from the U.S.S. Arizona, he wrote “Rest In Arizona”. You see, many survivors asked that their final remains be placed at the site of the sunken ship, to rest with shipmates who lost their lives on that fateful day.  The lyrics were so poignant that the song gets radio play in Memorial Day playlists and was made into a   story telling music video that resides on You Tube to this very day.  A person has to wonder where this seemingly natural ability to pick up on a topic and craft it into a moving song comes from and with Rusty it comes from his youth, growing up. Like many, his family knew struggles but they clung onto a solid work ethic with family coming first. Today, a Rusty Gear song reminds us of folks just like that, which in today’s sometime self-centered world is a good thing.  The man also writes about the fun side of life, such as you find in his “Out And Runnin Round”, another song about the human spirit.  Here Rusty paints the picture of having fun with your friends just being out and running around with no particular place to go. Ahh, those were fun times. Americana takes in all sorts of roots music and that includes the blues. For the blues experience Rusty teams with the soulful Bekka Bramlett, who invigorates women      everywhere with Rusty’s lyrics in the down to earth song “Sorry Excuses”. You know what they say about a woman scorned… With Rusty it’s not about keeping something old alive, instead it’s more about celebrating down to earth folks and what holds us together. There’s a nice warm feeling that goes with that and Rusty has a knack for bringing it to us.

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