A Little Faith Goes A Long, Long Way. By Eileen Carey

A Little Faith Goes A Long, Long Way.

By Eileen Carey  


Kathleen Grimm, my long time
songwriting partner with tunes like Let
It Go
, Out with the Girls, Sweet Love
and In the Air, also co-wrote my hit
single Faith with me.  It was initially released on my Movin On
album in 2009, and though I never released it as a single back then, it did
reverberate with so many young women who felt trapped and going nowhere in an
abusive and psychologically damaging relationship. It also won me a Supercuts
Artist Ambassadorship.

After releasing a
number of singles off my following CD, Let It Go, I was looking for something
else to release to keep up the momentum of my radio profile, and my producer
Travis Allen and I decided to remix the original Faith track, and re-released it in 2015.

I knew it was unusual for an artist to re-release a song from a
prior album and promote it with a fresh video, but this time it worked. The
thought behind my re-mixing and re-releasing – Faith – was a plan in poignancy. 
I had other cuts that had taken precedent. The decision to release the
single was a pretty much a throw the spaghetti against the wall thing. And a
good one. The song reached the number one spot on New Music Weekly’s Country
Charts and crossed over to their AC/Hot AC radio charts where it reached the
number two spot; and landed me a guest appearance on LA’s The Weekend Morning

the lyric of Faith is aimed at relationships, it applies to so many of the
situations in life, and very much is the advice I would share with people in
regard to this terrible pandemic we are currently experiencing. Have faith in
your ability to manage this horrible event in all our lives. “You’ve been tripping out
all night/Trying to shake away the doubt/Now Johnny Walker ain’t gonna be your
ticket out, your ticket out/ Now c’mon girls, you gotta have a little faith in
you/ The sun is shining down/gonna chase those blues away/ With a little help
from above/A little faith goes a long, long way/A little faith goes a long,
long way.”Written by: Eileen
Carey, Kathryn Grimm © 2008




                                     The making
of the music video for Eileen Carey’s Faith

The music video for Faith was the
second collaboration with my now longtime video director Taner Tumkaya. I have
made 5 music videos with Taner, including In
the Air, Faith, That Town, Meet Me Halfway
and my current stop action
animated music video for Finally,

We pretty much invited friends, an
actor or two, including the featured young woman with me in the video, and shot
the band at Travis’ then studio in Montrose, California. Travis has since moved
to Nashville, got married, and they had a child. Been going to Nashville more
these days, as you would expect.



                                  Making of the music
video for Eileen Carey’s Faith.

Taner and I wanted the video to look like it was shot in a night club with
people dancing and having a good time, while the actress was fretting over her
boyfriend. The band members for the video were my long time backup for my
drummer Suzanne Morrisette, Shawn Nourse. Keyboards was Dale La Duke; and
Travis played bass in the video. Last, but certainly not least my music
director and lead guitarist John McDuffie whom fills the same roles for Rita


















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