A Country Music Video That Will Make You Cry

A Country Music Video That Will Make You Cry

“Emotional” is the best word to describe the latest music video from
Shady Hill Records artist Sandra Piller. “There is no
way I can watch this without tears,” says the singer as she reflects on
her late husband, Michael Piller, the subject of the song, “Love Goes

“This song is a memorial to Michael and the love he and Sandra
shared,” states Jane Bach, co-writer and producer of the recording. “As
one of the most moving music videos I’ve ever seen, it’s like a photo
album or memory book that has come to life,” Bach adds.

“Love Goes On” is the title track of a recently-released 6-song EP
dedicated simply “…for Michael.” Recognized by millions of fans for his
role as the executive producer and writer of more than a hundred
episodes of the Star Trek television series, Michael Piller also wrote
the feature film “Star Trek Insurrection.”

An unusual feature of the video are personal photographs from the Piller’s engagement,
wedding, honeymoon, and family life. “Seeing these photos is so joyful
and so sad at the same time,” Piller says. “But mainly all this serves
to show how someone can carry love with them across the boundaries of

Of her working with Bach, Piller notes that it “is a joy. Jane is a terrific
writer and producer.” As a veteran music professional in Nashville, Bach
penned number one hits by Reba McEntire and Ray Price, as well as hit
songs for many other country artists. “It was such a thrill to have the
opportunity to co-write all the songs on Sandra’s EP with some of
Nashville and LA’s most respected songwriters,” Bach states.

Sandra Piller (www.sandrapiller.com)
has been appearing in songwriter rounds led by Bach at venues in
Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and at Star Trek conventions around the
country. “Next year is the 20th anniversary of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space
Nine’ which Michael co-created, executive produced, and wrote 173
scripts,” Piller notes, “and I’ve been invited to take part in
celebrations and memorials all across the country.”

Shady Hill Records (www.shadyhillrecords.com)
was founded several years ago to record, distribute, and foster the
cause of contemporary country artists whose work respects and reflects
the strong traditions of the roots of American music.

“Love Goes On,” the EP and each of the six songs, may be found for
purchase, streaming, or download on iTunes and Amazon as well as the
Shady Hill Records site.

John Scott G

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